Saturday, January 26, 2013

China Glaze New Bohemian Collection: Rare & Radiant

China Glaze Rare & Radiant (2 coats)

Happy Saturday! I find it ironic they named this polish Rare & Radiant when apparently every company has their own Chanel Peridot dupe. This one just happens to be China Glaze's version of it. Somehow I managed to not buy any of these dupes and Rare & Radiant is my first encounter with this color. I must say, I am very late to the show, but it's really pretty! It's a green and gold duochrome that shifts nicely when you look at it from different angles. If you have any of the other dupes, this is definitely not worth your time or money, but since I didn't have any, it's a welcomed addition to my collection. The formula was pretty good and only needed 2 coats. 

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Jackie M said...

ahaha i thought it was ironic too! i do like this color though so im glad for the cheaper dupes!