Tuesday, January 15, 2013

China Glaze Holiday 2012 Holiday Joy Collection: Red Satin

China Glaze Red Satin (2 coats)

What's happenin, hot stuff? I had a few minutes to spare and thought I'd do a little post of the final China Glaze Holiday Joy polish I have to show called Red Satin. I find it much better than Merry Berry, but it's still just your typical red creme polish. Boring! It felt like China Glaze put a ton of red colors in the holiday collection this year, and Red Satin just gets lost in the shuffle. It's a fine red, but nothing special. The wonky brush made the application a little difficult, but if you have a normal brush, it will be fine. 

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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beachgal said...

Yeah - that's how I felt about the reds in the ChG holiday joy collection - been there - have em - don't need another even if it's a fab cream like ChG can do much of the time. I have a # of fav reds in just about every finish around and I reach for those - know 'em love 'em. I do best in warm reds typically (tho I wear cool reds as well)...so this one did catch my eyeballs - but it was not warm enough and had nothing special going for it so it was left at the store - they all sold out at the Sally's by me long before Xmas so not even this one was left for their sale. I kind of thought I should have got the pinky gold micro glitter and folks seemed nuts over the micro glitter in silver from this collection - I never saw either of them - they were goners in the 2 Sally's I went to only 2 days after each had said on the phone they had this collection in. But the way I look at it when they put out a red I have seen a lot is that someone needs it - someone new to the brand - new to collecting - so there is a reason for getting the similar shades done over again. I was just thinking I am ready for red again now...might do one on my fingers today after I get some errands done. I am feeling like I am on count down now with only 1 week left before I need to leave for 1.5 months...I have not even figured out what needs to go with me...kind of hard to plan post op clothing for when I need to go back and forth to hospital - it's been blasting cold (which I love) but think I need to plan for loose pants I can pull on over the drains I will have at least first 2 weeks and post op puff...after that, it's just what the weather calls for which can be anything from 33 to 75! Ugh - I want to take as little as possible...bad enough I have to pack up like I am going camping for 6 weeks with all the kitchen stuff to stock the studio with...don't want to buy all the stuff I can take with me from home and then have to haul it all home again...guess I better start making my lists and checking 'em twice! Cannot wait to see a photo tour of your new house when you 2 get ready for the virtual house warming!