Tuesday, June 28, 2011

China Glaze Summer 2011 Island Escape Collection: Electric Pineapple

China Glaze Electric Pineapple (2 coats)

You know what is the worst on your nails? Bowling. It was a friend's birthday and we all went out for $1 bowling at the local alley. It's been years since I've last played and a great time was had. I was wearing Gelous so my nails were pretty protected (it does a great job of thickening up your nails), but I still lost a little length on my middle and ring fingers. Thank goodness it wasn't my swatching hand! I swear, I don't feel that girly in real life, but when I complain about chipping a nail I die a little inside. 

I think this is the last polish I got from the Island Escape collection. I would have bought more, but I had to leave room for other summery colors from other brands (I'll be featuring some Misa and Color Club polishes here soon). Electric Pineapple is....interesting. I mean, it's pretty unique which is why I bought it, but I think it would look the best on darker skintones. It is a yellow creme polish with lots of green undertones. The second picture is not as color accurate as the other two. I'm not sure what was going on there. The application was a bit tricky as well. Being a yellow, are you really surprised? I found the formula to be a bit thick, but a tiny bit of thinner fixes that.


Veronica said...

Ouu, looks pretty unique!

Never Enough Nails said...

This is pretty! It doesn't really look "electric" or "pineapple". Maybe like green apple? Lol

Kelly said...

I had problems with it too! It gave me such terrible lobster hands that I had to just use it on toes. Still lobstery, but I can live with red feet. Looks way better on you than it did me, though.

GaffoRama said...

I completely understand how you feel about breaking nails or chipping, etc. I'm pretty outdoorsy and love gardening so when I'm prepared to do some work I am at peace when I do damage to my nails. I really don't mind when I have to take them down. But there is something that just gets me when I do something stupid at work when I'm filing and end up breaking a nail. Le sigh.