Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OPI Spring 2011 Texas Collection: Suzi Loves Cowboys

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys (3 coats)

For real this time, this is the final OPI Texas collection polish I have. I thought I had cropped these photos a long time ago, but apparently I was wrong. Oop! Suzi Loves Cowboys (really, what doesn't Suzi love?) is a deep chocolate brown creme that is certainly an interesting polish for a spring collection. I ended up having to wait a day until I could take the picture because it was so dark that it was not cooperating with my indoor light system. So yes, I was finally able to take a picture outdoors and I think it is pretty color accurate. The application was fine for the most part (it was slightly runny) and was not as pigmented as I'd expected (it needed 3 coats). If you don't have many chocolate browns, this would make a nice addition.


Unknown said...

NICE!!!! thats all i can say .such a pretty brown IDK why its with spring either ..but LOVE LOVE LOVE..keep up the awesomeness posts & manis. :)

beachgal said...

I bought this on about my 4th pass of looking at the OPI TX collection. I have yet to wear it. I need to start my own blog showing all my never have been worn polishes!