Thursday, June 9, 2011

Essie Spring 2011: Coat Azure

Essie Coat Azure (2 coats)

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While waiting for the Essie Braziliant collection to hit stores (it definitely feels like a summer collection!), I ended up picking up Coat Azure from the spring collection. It is a dazzling dusty blue polish with a shimmer finish. It's just one of those polishes that looks great on and even photographs well! I love this one! While I haven't been a huge fan of Essie in the past (can we say blah colors?), they have really been stepping up their game. Perhaps the acquisition from L'Oreal wasn't such a bad thing after all. The application and formula was spectacular as well, barely needing the 2 coats shown here.


beachgal said...

I really like Coat Azure and bought it from a photo of the bottle only. Super suprised that you don't have the Essie Summer 2011 Brazilliant collection out by you. It's been out at our Rite Aide for a good 1.5 months here and we get next to nothing early, or even on time for set release. I bought Brazilliant out of it. The few there on display were already major picked over with the bright fuchsia/purple one totally gone as well as one other. Brazilliant is a great orange shade for my summer toes. I have been gravitating to Essie Geranium and OPI I Ate Berries in the Canaries a lot for my pedis of late. Orange is so in this summer (along with pink corals)...but who said I ever went with the trends?

beachgal said...

I was tired of too many blues until this one hit - I had to have it even if I only used it 2-3 times I decided. Ends up because it looked so fresh I have don my toes at least 10 times with it since it came out. It's a good blue for me in that I don't feel the need to rush to change my toes/fingers if have this on and am headed for a conservative function that a more way out shade I might wear just won't do. This one gets a huge recommendation from me.

cupper82 said...

Hi beachgal! Thanks for all of the comments (I'm a bit behind on replies, as you can tell)! I often get my Essie polishes at Ulta with their monthly coupons to save a little money. For some reason I have never seen the Braziliant collection there. I really hope it is there next month, and it probably will be, because my store seems to be a bit behind the times.

I've been loving bright colors for my toes, too! As always, thanks for checking out the blog.