Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection: Planks A Lot

OPI Planks A Lot (2 coats)

Aaaaannnnnnnddddd it's hump day. This week just seems to be flying by! I just want to give a quick shout out to my mom who is a birthday girl tomorrow (don't worry, I'll be posting this tomorrow as well..hope you guys don't mind!). One thing I like about OPI's Planks A Lot (well, besides the name) is the fact that it isn't too light. I find that other lavender creme polishes tend to wash me out a bit. I can honestly say that all of the polishes I've tried from this collection had wonderful application and formula. I hope you don't mind that this is short and sweet tonight.

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beachgal said...

Your Planks A Lot photos are what I wish mine looked like. I don't have it looking as deep as your photos are coming across on my monitor. I would like the entire collection a lot more if they had been dusty as they are, but with a deeper pigment. Ditto this on your photos of Mermaid Tears. I left the entire collection at the store and did not go back with temptation to get even one which usually happens to me!