Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ulta Nail Polish: Ginger Peach

Ulta: Ginger Peach (2 coats)

 Can you believe it's Wednesday already? Having a short work week is always a welcomed change, but I'm always messing up the days. Friday will be here before you know it! I want to see Hangover 2 this weekend, but the husband wants to watch X-Men First Class. As much as I love me some James McAvoy (I seem to have a thing for Scottish men), there's just something about this one that doesn't appeal to me. Do you want to see X-Men movie?

Awhile back I had a coupon for 20% off everything from Ulta, so needless to say, I went a bit overboard with some polishes. I was really wanting a peach polish, so I ended up with Ginger Peach which is a peach color with loads of subtle silver shimmer. It would make a nice work polish, but I'm not sure it really goes well with my skin tone. I'm sort of on the fence about it. It did, however, have great application and formula so it has that going for it.

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beingpretty said...

wow!! pretty colour!! :D