Saturday, June 25, 2011

China Glaze Summer 2011 Island Escape Collection: Senorita Bonita

China Glaze Senorita Bonita (3 coats)

Happy Saturday everyone! I just got home from an exciting errand running expedition which included a stop at Bath and Body Works which gave me a free 2 oz bottle of their newest citrus collection that comes out July 4th. You can find the coupon here, if interested. I ended up getting the Peach Citrus which smells nice. My least favorite of the three was definitely the Pomegranate Citrus. 
When ordering some polishes from the newest China Glaze Collection, I was a bit dubious about getting Senorita Bonita. I like purple and all, but it didn't seem to call to me. Boy, am I glad I picked it up! I was in love with it and gave it a few days wear which is a rarity for me. It is a medium purple polish with lots of pink shimmer. It's a pretty dark polish so I was surprised it needed a full three coats for full coverage. Despite being sheerer than expected, the application was great.


Unknown said...

love it nice mani i have it too and i was thinking it would be a bit more opaque but once it builds its gorgeous. got a haul coming from usnailsupplies.all pinks(misa) and blues..whooo-hoo :)

cupper82 said...

Awesome! I have several Misa polishes in the rotation, so make sure to check back soon. Keep me posted on your order!

beachgal said...

This shade had me written all over it, despite it's not different/unique at all. It's just I turn to magenta and fuchsias more than any other colors...some like greens/blues - I am the fuchsia gal!