Sunday, July 29, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games 2012 Collection: Electrify

China Glaze Electrify (3 coats)

I don't want Monday to come! I want to sit at home all day watching the Olympics. I'm just curious how people who work downtown London deal with the Olympics going on. Do they just live at work for those 2 weeks? 

Electrify is chock-full of gold and red glitter suspended in a clear base. I was really worried about the opacity of the glitter, and I was happy that it mostly covered the nail in 2 coats and completely covered in 3 coats. If you don't want to apply coat after coat, you can always use it as a glitter topcoat. The formula was really awesome and didn't get that chunkiness you sometimes get with packed glitters. I like this one! 


polishloving said...

Love it :) really need to pick it up

beachgal said...

I bought this one and don't know why other than I got all caught up in getting the collection when it came out. I am not a huge glitter fan. This one reads way too Christmas for me to want to pick it up and use it other times of the year - in fact still have not used it since I bought it last spring. I should put it into my needs a new home area of polishes because I really don't think I will wear it. If I grab a glitter it's probably going to be either for tipping my toes/nails or I want a thinner coat than this one can do. If you like and want a full coverage glitter nail - this one looks like it really will pull that off which a ton of glitters won't do in 2 coats. Looks better in your photos than I think mine is looking in the bottle.